Gazebos for summer cottages: a selection of design solutions from 75 photos
To complement the site with a recreation area, the owners build sheds, closed houses, and pergolas. But the most popular
Procedure for building a brick fence with your own hands
Idea Before starting such a large and ambitious project, you should familiarize yourself in more detail with
How to decorate the interior of a veranda in a private house: 13 ideas, 35 photos
The main functions of the veranda It would seem that the veranda is intended only for relaxation. However, she also has
Floor scraping: the best way to give the floor its original appearance
The cost of a high-quality wooden floor or parquet is quite high, and when after a few years the boards
Using facing bricks on the plinth
Creating a brick cladding Before you start laying bricks, you need to mark the location of the doors,
Replacing the old foundation with screw piles
Replacing a weakened foundation with supports is a practical and least expensive way to extend its service life
Do-it-yourself pouring of floor screed along beacons
The base of floors is almost never ideal. You can always find various kinds of cracks and
cellar walls
How to build a basement in a private house with your own hands
A concrete cellar is a reliable and durable structure designed for storing crops, wines, and food products.
FBS concrete blocks: advantages of structures, subtleties of arranging a block foundation
The construction of a foundation is a responsible task; it bears all the load from the overlying floors.
Installation of chain-link on wooden poles. Installation of a mesh fence.
A simple and inexpensive way to mark property boundaries is to install a chain-link fence.
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